Ayaviri full of color

The cultural diversity of America and its opportunities.

Cities are like people, some are male, others female, others are children, and others still, like grandparents, are here to teach us. Some cool off in the sea, others wrap themselves in the mountains, and others dance in colors. Cities are like people, and it is their people, their dialog, their daily movements, their encounters, their rubbing shoulders and their joy.

We are all Americans and every day we can see Ayaviri, a city located in the high Peruvian mountain plains, through the experience of Carlos Daza and Liliana Colorado, volunteer professionals from América Solidaria who work with the “School – Community” project.

This project “focuses on developing pedagogical strengths and weaknesses in teachers, parents and students, to make the school an example of development for its community in terms of interaction, academic level and leadership,” explains Liliana Colorado, who shares that “the main challenge is to design development strategies with the community to achieve sustainability over time through the work of the same social actors.”

This experience brings us face to face with the wealth of Ayaviri, which leads us to reflect on the cultural diversity of our continent and the emerging opportunities to work together to enact development.